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Kickboxing originates from Japan’s Karate system and is made up of uncomplicated punches and kicks. This is one of the reasons that kickboxing is one of the most popular of the martial arts.

Kickboxing involves the whole body- giving it a complete workout, making you fitter quicker and feeling rewarded. A typical TMA kickboxing class can burn around 800 calories an hour, assisting with weight loss, toning and conditioning, flexibility and getting you in great shape.

Many kickboxing techniques can be effectively used in self defence and they are uncomplicated making them easier to put into practice and remembered, making you safer and giving you increased confidence.

There is nothing like punching and kicking the pads for relieving stress and our classes are friendly ,sociable and suitable for any age or gender. There’s no need for the gym as our program incorporates an energising workout with fun and effective drills that can be worked with a partner or a punchbag.

TMA is part of the UK Martial Arts and Self Defence Association and holds WUMA kickboxing qualifications.

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Our new basic program provides a foundation in MMA principles and techniques. Once confidence has built, students then have the option to follow an intermediate program to build on and enhance the basics.

This simple, effective Reality based, street self defence system Can be mastered by people of all ages, sizes and gender. For fitness, conditioning and self defence there is no comparison.

We deliver a high standard of martial arts training that includes self defence, anti-bullying and stranger danger. There has never been a better time to give your child the gift of life skills to include Confidence, respect, discipline, focus, concentration and leadership.

Are you ready to book your free trial with us?