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At Total Martial Arts we not only teach first class martial Arts programs , we also provide the best in Total Body Conditioning Workouts without the use of conventional weights, but by using your own body weight. In addition to our "Total Fitness" classes we hold regular bootcamps and Strength and Conditioning sessions to ensure that our students have no need for the gym!

Our workouts are designed to:

  • Relieve stress
  • Keep you in shape
  • Keep you in the best of health and fitness
  • Make you have fun and feel satisfied
  • Give you more energy

We teach in both group and 1-2-1 settings and our aim is to keep you on track to looking and feeling your best by giving you an effective workout and providing the essential dietary advice and motivation you need. More and more people are finding out about how Strength and Conditioning Training can compliment their Martial Arts training and help them to keep in great shape. With the very latest fitness training methods Total Martial Arts delivers results fast!

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Our new basic program provides a foundation in MMA principles and techniques. Once confidence has built, students then have the option to follow an intermediate program to build on and enhance the basics.

This simple, effective Reality based, street self defence system Can be mastered by people of all ages, sizes and gender. For fitness, conditioning and self defence there is no comparison.

We deliver a high standard of martial arts training that includes self defence, anti-bullying and stranger danger. There has never been a better time to give your child the gift of life skills to include Confidence, respect, discipline, focus, concentration and leadership.

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