Filipino Martial Arts Classes in Swindon and Cirencester

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TMA Filipino classes include Panantukan techniques, which use parries and deflections rather than traditional blocks. This stems from the theory that in defence it is more effective to minimise contact from your opponent since they may have a bladed weapon.

TMA students are better able to look after themselves in a conflict situation after following our programs. Panantukan is not seen as a sport but rather a street/jungle oriented fighting system due to the fact that the techniques have not been restricted and confined for competition rules. This is where the often used term “dirty street fighting” comes from.


The TMA Kali curriculum teaches the use of single stick, double sticks, stick and dagger and edged weapons- as well as one of the most complete and highly effective empty handed systems in martial arts. The program we follow is that developed by Guro Danny Inosanto who was originally trained by the late Bruce Lee and went on to study with over 26 Filipino masters.

Sifu Tony Child has studied and obtained qualifications under the best in Kali. Sifu Tony continues to train under Laurence Sandum of the UK MASDA organisation, who himself currently trains directly under Danny Inosanto - original student of Bruce Lee.

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Our new basic program provides a foundation in MMA principles and techniques. Once confidence has built, students then have the option to follow an intermediate program to build on and enhance the basics.

This simple, effective Reality based, street self defence system Can be mastered by people of all ages, sizes and gender. For fitness, conditioning and self defence there is no comparison.

We deliver a high standard of martial arts training that includes self defence, anti-bullying and stranger danger. There has never been a better time to give your child the gift of life skills to include Confidence, respect, discipline, focus, concentration and leadership.

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